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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  November 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm CST

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appointment. what a difference a couple of hours makes. this morning, we went on the airport we were still in the 60s. as we get into the graphics, look at where we are now. a cold front swinging through the midwest you can see the temperatures are dropping fast. let's take a look at the sky camera. in cedar rapids, 48 degrees. a cloudy and windy afternoon out there. temperatures on the big board, 43, charles city. iowa city, 50 dubuque, 58. the wind is a big factor here. 15-25, gusting up to 45. a wind advisory in effect for the entire cbs2 viewing area through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the planner features cold weather this afternoon. a few raindrops and flurries. we are chili throughout the overnight hours tonight. there are the
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it is cbs2 and fox28 bellringing day. we have kevin and rebecca here. stop on by and put some money in the cattle. he will do our part to help out the salvation army. just into the cbs2 newsroom, a health alert that you need to know about. mumps is spreading near the corridor. dubuque county officials are trying to figure out what is causing the mumps outbreak. there are 30 cases one third of all of the cases statewide just in dubuque county. officials say this is the worst outbreak in that county in the last ten years but they can't find a pattern as to why it is being spread. mumps causes fever, headaches -- and more symptoms to watch out for that. president obama is in south america this after the european final trip.
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controversial top advisors concerns them. president obama calls the appointments a rise of quote - crude nationalism. european leaders also fear trump - whom syria's bashar al assad called his ally - will do little to stop the brutal violence in syria.president obama urges europe to keep pressure on russia through financial sanctions. he will cross paths with vladimir putin this weekend at the asia pacific summit in peru. has announced his choices for key administration jobs. kenneth craig reports from the president elect's luxury golf course in bedminster, new jersey where mr. trump is scheduled to spend the weekend. weekend. (package)president elect donald trump has tapped congressman mike pompeo from kansas to be the next cia director. the tea-party republican is a fierce critic of the iran nuclear deal and was a member of the house select benghazi committee that
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on a u.s. diplomatic compound in libya.( file: 6/28/2016) (tue0165) (sot: rep. mike pompeo/kansas - r) "it makes a difference in how you respond to an attack."earlier, mr. trump offered the post of attorney general to alabama senator jeff sessions. sessions was the first senator to endorse the president elect and was a close adviser during the campaign.before his two decades in the senate, sessions was nominated for a campaign. before senate, jeff sessions was nominated for a federal judge but was rejected because of alleged racist comments he made during his tenure as u.s. attorney in alabama. vice president-elect -- mike pence says the transition is going smoothly. >> we have a great number of men and women with great qualifications coming forward to serve this new administration. >> the president-elect is moving his high-profile
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in new jersey. tomorrow, he is expected to sit down for a highly anticipated meeting with mitt romney. >> the former republican presidential nominee is considered a potential pick despite his previous criticism of the president-elect. >> donald trump is a phony. >> the trump transition team describes a meeting with mitt romney, as one to seek counsel. cbs news, new jersey. both attorney general and cia director positions require senate confirmations. yesterday donald trump offered former defense intelligence agency michael national security advisor. in about 15 minutes, we will look at the threats facing are fascination's security now on the cyber level. today, the minnesota police officer that shot and killed for land oak restoril -- flandreau castroville -- casteel appeals -- appears in court. he was shot last july during a traffic stop.
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and streamed on facebook. after reviewing the case, the attorney's office said that this was not justified. he could spend 20 years in prison if convicted of killing philandro castille. this shocking arrest caught on camera has gone arizona wednesday. the video shows the officer posed -- punching marissa morris. morris says she was moving out of a foreclosed home and had already cleared herself from the warrants in question. >> he proceeded to put me under arrest even though i did not have a warrant. he punched me in the face twice and choked me. and proceeded to arrest me and twist my arm. he brutally attacked me.
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department, says that morris kicked and need him in the groin. the body camera video was released. the punch itself was not caught by the camera because flagstaff police say he had his camera off not knowing he would be active on the scene. he is now on administrative leave while the incident is under investigation. morris faces aggravated assault and assist -- resisting arrest charges. the state of missouri will pay $9 million to the family of brandon ellison who drowned at the lake of the ozarks in custody of a state trooper. he was from the des moines area and was suspected of boating while intoxicated in 2014. he was arrested and fell into the lake wearing handcuffs and an properly secured lifejacket and ended up drowning. the trooper involved in the case faces and voluntary manslaughter charges in the death. he awaits trial right now. the university of iowa has created a search committee to
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president for medical affairs announced he was stepping down from his post. the 17% search committee said the replacement committee will meet december 1st . he will remain there until a new leader is named. if you ever wanted to teach, now is your chance. the cedar rapids community classroom for either the afternoon or morning. you're then asked to talk to teachers and administrators about their if you're interested, call the number on your screen. an exciting day for a mount vernon student. is call them about this. an exciting day for mount vernon students. he is the first from his school to get the special honor the army selected tristan worst to play on the 2017 all-american bowl appears the first athlete
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up some new skills. 'it's pretty surreal. growing up as a kid everyone's dream was to just play varsity football i've kind've done that and kind've went above and beyond with that so it's like dreams come true. wirfs is considered one of the top in-state offensive linemen. he'll be playing for the iowa hawkeyes next fall. thanksgiving is now less than a week away and before you join a record number of drivers on the roads this year you might want to check your car. experts tell cbs 2 news you should make sure your tires are rotated and have good tread. second - make sure your fluids are all topped off. third and fourth - change your wiper blades each year at this tread. make sure your fluids are topped off. changer wiper blades each year at this time and also be sure to make sure your battery is fit for winter and of course clean. finally, always keep an emergency kit in your car along with things like linkage, flashlights, food, jumper cable errors -- jumper cables and
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>> thank you. helping you help families in need just go to the u.s. cellular center with a nonperishable food item. in turn, you will get a buy one ticket get another free voucher. between 6:00 and 7:00, you can get discounted hotdogs, soda and beer. all the donations will be given to weight point all -- the game begins at 7:05 p.m. tonight a lot of changes for our country's leadership right now. no matter who is in charge, they need to keep us protected from cyber hacks. we could have picked yesterday when it was a record 73 degrees day to ring the bell but it feels more like christmas now. cbs2 and fox28 bell day. going to the break, let's take
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a rather chilly afternoon after such a beautiful day yesterday. seventy-three degrees was yesterday for today, much different peers thanks to a cold front. we are out here ringing the bell throughout the day. you will find your favorite cbs2 personalities. there is one of mine. throughout the rest of the afternoon, theew be here. we invite you to come by. let's talk about the next few hours. we achieved our low 60s just after midnight this morning. now in the 30s. sunshine with low 40s saturday and sunday. sunny and cold weather expected. the good news, if you stay tuned, at the end of the forecast, we will find warmer weather. it is windy. southwest wind at 26. it feels like 40. forty-three, charles city.
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dubuque, 58. look at this wind. 15-20 miles an hour. and gusting up to 45. because of that, a wind advisory in effect for the entire cbs2 viewing area through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. wind, gusting up to 25. tonight, gusting at 25-35. around the state, 35 in spencer. sioux city, 35. let's look at the satellite and radar. a lot of cloud cover. scattered showers out there too. look at this. snow around north and west iowa. they will pick up an inch or two. we are missing on that. rapid city, 30. cincinnati, 74. cedar rapids, 48. bismarck, 35.
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as we set this in motion, a big cold front coming through the midwest. attached to an area of low pressure on the north side of the low is where you find the most pressure -- moisture. in the dakotas, looking at 6-10 inches of snow in parts of central and northern minnesota. the good news thrust us wind dies down tomorrow. high-pressure settles in. but it will be clear and cold as the cold front drags all the colder temperatures through. so the highs as we go through the afternoon will probably be in the mid to upper 40s. cooling into the upper 20s and tomorrow, only upper 30s to lower-40s. here is the predictor. a lot of cloud cover. some light rain maybe some flurries or two as we go into the later evening and overnight. that is until 3:00 a.m. the high-pressure settles in. the clouds move out. it is sunny, breezy and cold as we go through the day tomorrow. looking for highs in the upper 30s, low 40s. or of the same as we had through
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upper 50s, low 60s just after midnight. cloudy sky, gusty wind. 35-45 miles per hour. tonight, upper 20s, low 30s. rain and flurries. a breezy night as well. northwest wind at 10-20, gusting up to 40. tomorrow, upper 30s, low 40s much c hours. those will clear out. wind at 5-15, gusting at 30. here is the extended forecast for tomorrow, 40 tomorrow night, 21. low 40s sunday. upper 40s monday. starting to turn around. the next chance of rain is tuesday and wednesday right before thanksgiving. the moisture moves out wednesday. we are dry for turkey day with upper 40s work and then the ten day temperature trend has low 50s as we had five through black friday. this is where you will find warmer weather. in the upper
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mention to you that we have good-looking football weather. if you are going to illinois to see the hawkeyes take on the fighting illini, take multiple layers. low 40s tomorrow, clear and comfortable in champaign urbana. it will be cold. only comfortable with those multiple layers. if you will watch the cyclones take on texas tech tomorrow, 43 degrees, sunny and cold. last but not least, high school football championship football -- home tomorrow at 4:00 for senior day taking on south dakota state university. they are in the lower-40s. that will do it for your weather first forecast. you are here all afternoon we will check one more final time in just a bit. jenee. thank you so much. if you want to see justin and you cannot make it there, tickets to the prices right are on sale now. coming march 1st and drew carey, justin roberts -- playing
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tickets, go to the box office. 10:00 a.m. is when they open every morning. still ahead on the cbs2 news at noon, we will hear about protect our country from cyber attacks. usually it is just about our own stuff this is pretty interesting and pretty
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who leads national intelligence and national security - the threats to the united states will continue. we've seen just th regardless of who leaves national intelligence and national security, the threats to the u.s. will continue. as we have seen throughout the last few years, those threats continue to change and evolve your in today's report, we see about one thread that is often overlooked. >> are fascination, the list of threats goes on. from more, to terrorism to nuclear weapons. some experts say there is a much greater threat. one that could impact far more people far faster. the cyber threat. >> bits and bytes meat flesh and blood -- meet flesh and blood. >> they say there are no safe neighborhoods on the internet. >> computer, software, bringing
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public infrastructure. >> hackers have shown they are capable of impacting everything from home surveillance cameras to e-mails of high-level officials, to the u.s. election. they say not nearly enough is being done to protect the electric red, transportation and medical devices. >> it is going to cause a very uncomfortable conversation in washington. it is going to cause us to have to look at uncomfo solutions. >> the solutions will likely involve congress making new laws. more debates about security versus privacy work and finding new ways to out by booz allen hamilton and partnership for public service, the federal government is falling behind when it comes to cyber compensation, particularly among elite talent.mallory barg bulman/dir of research and evaluation, partnership for public service"after a couple years at the fbi or the cia or the nsa the salaries they can be offered by the private sector can be three times what they're making." experts say until the government can attract the best good hackers to fight cyber crime, the bad hackers
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washington i'm kf reporting. coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon,trump says he helped save one of america's biggest car
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elect donald trump says he helped keep a motor company from moving to mexico. mexic it is 12:24 p.m. -- donald trump said he helped to keep a motor company from moving to mexico. however the kentucky ford motor plant was never ending on moving the whole operation. the company wanted to shift one production line. and the american workers on that car were going to work on a different model. last night trump tweeted "i worked hard with bill ford to keep the lincoln plants in kentucky" ."
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emission cheating scandal. 30,000 jobs will be eliminated. most in germany. volkswagen says cutting those jobs will save the company about $4 billion a year. a fantasy sports world up date. draft kings and faneuil are merging in order to cut cost. they have been battling across the country. they say the sites are illegal and have -- and should be banned. for now, they will operate under their own brand names they are illegal in iowa. ordered from amazon but you don't want to order -- open the box yet? amazon is giving customers x- ray vision help through your smart phone. the amazon app lets iowa's users scan the barcode on the box and the app will show you what is inside. package x-ray is designed to get you organized we have a final look at the cbs2
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for family. and this monkey made
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you this video. you have to look at your screen. look at this monkey. he made himself a part of this those family -- of this family. he said it just latched on and has not left except to find food. he even sleeps with his favorite goat. he will soon be transferred to a superior hope they let him stay with that cute goat. let's get out to my best friend here at the market. >> we will be here throughout the evening. it is cbs2 day at the red kettle. a windy day. a wind advisory in effect from now until 6:00 a.m. the reason being, wind gusting at 35-45 miles per hour. get ready for colder weather and flurries tonight. upper 40s monday. say hello.
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? >> ridge: it's not too late. r.j.'s back, and we can have our family. it's always what she wanted for us. tell her, mom. >> r.j.: thanks for the tour. it's been...eye-opening. >> bill: you're welcome. all right, if my safe room didn't speak to your sensibilities, maybe this will. sit down in the big dog's seat. this you're gonna appreciate. videos, memes, digital content. >> r.j.: okay. >> bill: check this out. >> william: welcome to the world of spencer publications. i'm william spencer, c.e.o. and founder of the largest media


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